Should I go with custom design or template for my website?

Should I go with custom design or template for my website?

Are you trying to invest in a website for your brand or business, but ought to decide if a theme or a custom design is good for your website? No matter, you know the difference between them, or just initiating your process of discovering the best for you, this article should help give some valuable points in evaluating what route you should take. 

Digital Strategy for website designing:

It’s time for a comparison between templates and custom build websites. One of the stress-free and uncomplicated ways to understand the variations between a custom and template website is to ruminate a production home and custom-built home. Both comprise a similar motive, but if you need bonus features, it’s going to be much convenient for you to build your home custom from the start. 

The same scenario can lie in website design. The themed website or production home offers lower cost, easy move-in, and specifications that could comprehend your needs. On the other hand, depending on what you want, you may surpass this option later, or have to adapt your lifestyle to fit.

When working with customers to conclude which method would best fit, we primarily find out the core requirements of the website and the people the website will work for.

The point is website templates are best solutions for some businesses just as custom websites are indispensable for others. Let’s have a look at the factors which plays important role while deciding which solution will be best for us.


The basic thing to remember is that your website is not the place to go easy on budget. It’s the most inclusive demonstration of your business or brand. It’s the point of focus for all your branding and marketing ingenuities. Your website is the place where your clients come when they need you, 24 hours a day, and whole week. A top-notch website will be a sound investment all the times.

That said, custom websites are not budget-friendly. Not every business is in a position to manage one. If you have low budget, template based website should be your choice. Template websites provides you fully functioned design, saving you the expense of having somebody do these things for you. The compromise is the margin that come with them. Template sites can be functional and clean on the outside, but their performance usually ends there.

For a little- to average-sized company, the early investment is obligatory for a custom website is fairly negligible. If your financial plan is limited, a website template could possibly be your only choice.


The undeniable reality about custom websites is that they are very time consuming. A quality custom website obliges at least 2 to 4 months to present, resting on the complexity and size of its features. There’s no way to accelerate this procedure because there are modestly too many moving parts involved in this procedure. Planning, design, wireframes, development, photography, copywriting, testing, optimization, consequently, custom websites need many different people working through multifaceted tasks on codependent timelines.

Therefore, if you’re in an urgency to get a live website, no matter if it’s for a product event, launch, or good outmoded impatience, you’ll perhaps have to reconcile for a template-based website.

In approximately every case where timeline is a matter of issue, we vouch for a multifaceted single-page website, or standing up a temporary landing page. It’s never sensible to try and create a all-inclusive site on an rushed timeline.


The restrictions of website templates encompass functionality as well. For the beginning, not all templates are aimed to be responsive entirely. If you want to do any kind of profitable e-commerce with your website then, a custom site is a must.

In the aspect of functionality, a custom website has far less limitations and restrictions than a website template.


Another factor to take into contemplation when choosing between a website template or custom website is your business or brand.

Template-based websites basically do not allow you the level of personalization require to design a website that is deliberation or briefing of your brand’s unique identity, personality, and positioning. As we stated previously, your website is the most inclusive demonstration of your brand. A website template enforces too many limitations on your capability to distinguish your brand and strongly convey your strategies.

A custom website gives you a blank piece of paper on which to build a beyond doubt unique experience and make a demonstrative relationship with your clients. It’s these kind of demonstrative and unique experiences that form brand loyalty and trust, the advantages of which are problematic to put a price on.

Pros of Template based websites


Faster to market

approach to more third-party applications

Industry-specific themes

Cons of Template based websites

controlled options for design, transpire with a site that is limited to a theme that’s hard to support

Not always built with mobile responsiveness

Difficult to find support

Organic SEO isn’t built into the system

Themes are built to adjust a lot of add-ons and third parties, which slow the site down. 

Pros of Custom-build website

Ongoing support is offered by web company

Site is built to be search engine optimized from the start

Custom to your company and target market 

Your site will be tested for all browser and device types

Cons of Custom-build website

hard to implement

Very expensive

Requires more time and effort during the build process