Terms and conditions

We have defined our terms and conditions for the smooth workflow. These terms and conditions apply to all of the services provided by About Designz. This can be a good practice to read all of the Terms and Conditions before placing the order. If you have questions you can contact us for clarifications. 

Content Supply

The clients are requested to supply the content which is needed to be included in the design work with the placement of order. In Web Designing Service, we can design with dummy texts placement but it is a good practice to draft a content so designers can design according to that. 

Requirements Documentation

All the design requirements are documented through formal and informal communication and terms of delivery acceptance are decided. We don’t want to work on the wrong designs so it is better to communicate what kind of design and color scheme is expected from us. A better approach is to collect and send the sample designs from the Internet and your own personal requirements. We will also send a questionnaire to document the design scope.

Payment Timelines

For quotations and custom proposals, clients have to make 50% payment in advance in order for us to get the work started. We do not remain liable to start the work and meet deadlines until the proof of payment is shown to our accounts team. 

We don’t start with the orders until the information provided is complete and clearly specifies what needs to be done. Delays from client to explain the Design Requirements, the company is not responsible for delays. 

The company retains the right for copyright claims until all the dues are cleared. The initial work provided will contain watermarks with no source files included in the delivery. We completely understand the need for revisions in the design work so we allowed a one week time for our clients to review the work. 

Revision Policy

Major revisions are done twice keeping in mind the convenience of clients and to counter miscalculation regarding the impression of the design. It is expected that all the stakeholders review the design within 7 days of delivery after which revision requests will not be entertained and clients will be liable to clear the dues. 

Revision policy has been put in place to manage the convenience of both the designers and clients. Designers have to manage their workload and to meet the deadlines of upcoming projects. So we put forward a strong request to go through the review process as early as possible to finalize the work deliveries. 

We are open to any minor changes in the design for one month period. This is the grace period we have specially come up with for our clients. Change in certain texts and elements placement can be requested within this time period to optimize the design for better conversions. 

After the revisions due date, we are not liable to entertain design changes request. The design work required from us will be charged hourly or as per the task requirements.  

Logo Design

Upon payment confirmation, we provide up to three logo concepts within 7 working days. If any client has specific requirements then we can design accordingly and develop three versions of the concept. The company is open to multiple changes requests for the next three days to finalize the Logo Design. 

After three days review period, the company is not liable to entertain any changes request and will come at the cost incursions. The remaining amount has to be cleared to receive the logo in different sizes and file formats. The logo remains under the ownership of About Designz until final payment has been made. 

After payment confirmation from the accounts, delivery is sent with all the popular sizes and file formats like jpeg, png and source files. 

The conceptual logo design is completely unique and clients are free to use anywhere they like. The clients are responsible for Trademark registration and gaining copyrights ownership for their business. The company cannot be held responsible if someone copies the work in the future and tries to steal intellectual property. It is a better practice to get designs registered to prevent any future hassles. 

Copyright Ownership and Issues

Any work designed by us, clients are fully given copyright ownership. We don’t include our branding and logos in the Graphic Designs and these are the property of the clients. However, we may use the work to enhance our portfolio and shown to future potential customers. 

We aim to promote the existing branding of our client businesses. The incorporation of brand colors in our design is the regular practice of our creative graphic designers.

All the work assigned to About Designz is done by the In-House Professional Graphic Designers who create graphics from scratch without copyright infringement. If any work found to be copied, we are liable to make a 100% refund. The clients have to come up with the valid proof and source to show the Graphic work provided is not original. 

Upon the similarity of design, we will provide a free revision if the client wants to continue with our Graphic Design Services. Although, we don’t come across this situation as we never attempt to copy someone’s work we are open to any kind of revisions and refunds claim.


If clients don’t want to proceed with the work after the placement of orders and advance payments, then the clients are liable to pay the remaining amount for the work that has been done. This is because we start from day one as soon as accounts confirm the payment to the Project Managers. If the order is canceled within the first three days, About Designz will return 20% of the advance amount.

The cancelation request should be provided in writing through a formal communication channel with a valid reason for not proceeding with the order. After three days time period, we will not be liable to return any payments and the delivery of the work will not be made. The design work will remain under the property of AboutDesignz. 


About Designz is not responsible for any kind of future implications of the services once provided to the clients. We are not to be held responsible for any future loss of the data and work provided as we may delete our files after certain time periods. The parties need to maintain data integrity and entertaining the request of providing old data totally depends upon its availability. The company is not responsible if the third party reproduce the same designs after some time period. Company does not provide legal consultancy regarding the copyright claims for copied designs. We would not be held liable if designs provided does not work in the formats requested during the requirements collection phase. For any additional formats, extra payments would be required. 

About Designz reserves the right to outsource any of the assigned work as per their needs. We are liable to the terms we have decided with our clients and ensuring the standards is our duty. Print Ready designs request has to be explicitly expressed otherwise the company will not be able to entertain them in the future in the same quotation.