Features your about page should have.

Features your about page should have.

When a user wants to know more about you or your product or services, the “About page” is the page they’ll search for.

An “About Us” page is an advert for your establishment story, a place to demonstrate your business success stories, and a sales page that resolute the most demanding question new visitors have about your business.

What an “About Us” page should be is precisely a sales page that is focused on your goal, one that centers on emphasizing the major selling facts of your story and brand presented at the top of the page, creating a convincing first impression on inquisitive clients.

Clients particularly trust research, we discover that customers navigate to an About Us page in order to learn more about your brand and the story behind the products. The ‘About Page’ of your brand should address those two oddities customers have to help with decision-making

In comparison to a landing page, the About Us page of your website is the perfect place to display a number of aims:

  • converse the story of your brand
  • Talk about why you started it.
  • define the cause or customers that your business serves.
  • Illuminate your business model
  • Describe how your products are built
  • Display the face of your business, presenting the founders or your team members
  • integrate convincing content

How to write About Us page

The About Us page of your website can be made up of whatsoever you think is the most crucial component to your brand.

The following section mentioned below are simply a handful of things that you should mention while creating your “Anout Us” page.

Company Portfolio

Though having a description of your business, product or services is important, it is every so often overlooked.

The description page of your company should also display your value or mission statement. For greater companies, stock and investor information can be applied as well.

There are loads of additional bits of information you can allocate with a contemporary description of your website. clients may want to know more about the background and history of your business. This is also a supreme place to display information such as corporate or annual reports, important business descriptions, or practices of other items that may fall under the umbrella of your business.

Staff Presentations

One of the most important features that really make a business reputation is to see the faces of team members who work there. This is why numerous websites will include short bios, staff photos, and contact information on the About Us page.

The staff information should imitate both the personality of the individual employee and your company. This can work in multiple distinctive ways:

Every so often, small companies familiarize their staff individually. This page contains names, photos, and titles of each team member, which actually displays the company disposition. staff bios can embrace other information as well, such as individual contact information, links to social profiles, or specific job descriptions. Although, this style can be a lot of fun and mainly it requires quite of updating each time a member leaves the team or is added to the team.

An Authentic Story

The way to link to people is with a reliable story. How was your company initiated? Where’d you get the idea for your brand? How did you come up with the name or product line? What is exclusive about the service or product you offer?

Use your About Us page to tell the story of your company. Try to keep the description succinct and simple, but engaging. Every good story has a start, center and end and characters that people can connect to. You have to describe your story by keeping all of it in mind.


What is the main element that makes your company better than everyone else? That’s your brand value. You should clearly state or explain exactly what that value your business comprise, on your About Us page.

The “value” page moreover explains what you will get from staying on the site in the content it offers. That’s value.

High-End Visuals

The significant way to get someone to come to visit your site and stick around is a great visual. Very rarely we talk about a great design or great website that doesn’t have a remarkable visual. It’s the thing that attracts you in. But frequently we seem to overlook to take in visuals on About Us pages and load them down with type.

Some of the solutions above include visuals include images of your employees interacting with clients, office space, or anything that shows what you do.

Tumblr comprises an About Us page with visuals that keep you beholding the screen. Being a blogging tool that is image-based, this is what you should expect but the simple presentation for example; rotating images presented behind a logo is captivating itself.

Call to Action

Once visitors have stopped by your About Us page on your site, what do you want them to do next? never leave it to chance. You actually have to show them what you got!

Every About Us page have more or less type of call to action. The main reason for their presentation is to direct users to your service or product sales page, give them a phone number to call or email address as a point of contact and inspire them to sign up for an email newsletter. But never ever just leave customer hanging.

If you tell your customer what should they do, then obviously they don’t have to guess. It will make your site compatible for customers to use and expectantly result in more relevant conversions for your business.

Contact Information

Even though it is possible that you also have a Contact Us page in your sitemap, but providing some contact information on the About Us page is actually a reliable idea. It will make customers happy that contact information is easy to find and readily manageable.

But you don’t certainly need a contact form on “About Us” page, make sure an email address and phone number are available.

Do you have a spectacular success story? Display it in your About Us pages.

A segment connecting to mentions in other media can be a wonderful way to feature positive feedbacks or reviews in addition to coverage of what you do. Working with a particular customer for an on-site testimonial can also be a wonderful touch.

just keep in mind to avoid looking too immodest. One good comment can be more than enough. You don’t have to reissue a review on your website, but a link and headline is nice.


The About Us page of your website can be an access to success to the rest of your website and online presence. Commonly, an individual who searches for your company online will surely land on your About Us page first, so it is only reasonable that you use this section to help customers learn more about what you have to offer.

Why you need an About Us page

it is crucial when building relationships with your clients

It’s popular with new users

An About Us page quenches all of the needed information. 

it capitalizes on the curiosity of your potential customers.

It shows off why you’re unique

Your About Us page is a great place to tell your customers why you are better than others.

your About Page is the place you can highlight the most important difference.

It solidifies your brand image

Your About Us page is a great place to affirm exactly why you want to be perceived by the world.