Privacy Policy

This website is owned and operated by Bizzclan, referred to as “this website, our, us, we” in this Privacy Policy Statement. 

This policy is designed in the utmost favor of this website’s visitors and we promise to maintain the integrity of the data we collect. 

Data Collection and Usage

This website does come with data analytic tools, cookies, and web forms that collect some sort of information about the visitors. No personally identifiable information is collected through data analytics tools like Google Analytics and Cookies also. It is generic information such as the devices’ information, source of website traffic, user behaviors on the website, and other non-personal identifiable information. 

We have implemented the latest security features in order to prevent any spamming activity. Users can feel convenient to browse through the web pages. Cookies increase the website’s load time and lead to a personalized browsing experience. While data analytic tools help webmasters to know how the website is performing in real-time. 

Personally identifiable information is collected through web forms only. Visitors themselves fill out the forms to get in touch with us. This information is passed to authorized individuals only. The information we receive through these web forms is solely used to contact and interact until the user desires. No data collected is sold to third parties and the integrity of databases is ensured at all levels. 

Why We Collect Information

While we have tried to give an overview in the above part why this sort of information is collected. Web forms are integrated across this website for visitors to get in touch with our domain level experts and communicate their requirements. Contact information is required so we can get back to the correspondent. This communication continues until both parties desire to do so. 

Data analytic and different webmaster tools that help to collect non-personal identifiable information is helpful in various ways:

  • Detect the type of devices used to access our website
  • Source of traffic or search terms used to find this website
  • Geographic regions to see which areas have higher accessibility to the website
  • Detect page loading times
  • Detect user behaviors
  • Formulate reports on overall website performance

These sorts of generic information help extremely to webmasters and other website operators to identify areas of improvement. While we continuously strive to provide a better user experience and intuitiveness to browse through our website, we really appreciate your cooperation. Industry-standard operating procedures are implemented so that we can continue to work towards the betterment of performance delivery while making no compromise to the integrity of data we collect.