Website Planning Lessons to Build a Website

Have you ever thought of making a Website? Most people try to make a website without proper website planning and they end up with one-five pages website with no utility. They are in really bad shape creating a negative impression on the targeted audience. Whenever the business owners looking to go online, the most profound question they have in mind is how much does it cost to build a website. 

While the costs associated with websites may differ with the scope of projects you look to build for yourself. Business website development may start from $100 to the custom quotations by web development companies. Before you get to this point, you need to have a domain and hosting account for yourself. 

The domain for the initial year may cost around $2-3 and regular yearly charges lurk around $12-20. The web hosting initial year discounts may vary with the ongoing promotions, the renewal charges would be starting from $30. The web content charges also differ from different service providers. The total cost would be dependant on the size of your website and how many pages you like to include in them. 

However, starting right is the key to website development. We have outlined 6 basic website planning techniques written to help business owners to ensure things are going in the right direction and keep maximum control of the affairs. 

Buy domain on your own

Most Web Development Agencies offer Domains with their designing and development packages but don’t go for this option.

In the future, if you want to change the Agency you want to work with then previous service providers can cause delays in the transfer of domain and hosting.

So you should register yourself domain from popular Domain Name Registrars like Godaddy, HostGator, and many other domain registrars.

From day one, you’ll be controlling things.

Selecting a reliable hosting

Domain ownership does not make a website able to go live until you update Domain Name Servers (DNS) from Domain Manager. You need a Server to be able to make your website accessible through the Internet. 

Unlimited Shared Web Hosting is the best option for startup websites but you need to check a certain amount of usage allowed because it makes the website shut down immediately when the storage limit is reached.

You can always later update your hosting plan depending upon the website traffic and data usage.

Plan out the website content 

If you tend to go for website development and design without finalizing the content and layout then you may face a lot of problems after going through an initial development phase. So the perfect approach is to get things done on paper before starting any development procedure.

To find what content should be included on the website, define the purpose of your website. If it is a blog then you should go for WordPress to effectively manage through Content Management Features. For a business website, research your competitors what they are trying to tell through their online presence. Go through their websites thoroughly and study the structures of content.

Try to come up with better content and attractive designs better than your competitor. Also, see what keywords they have included related to your industry and you should prefer them to include in your website content.

Consistent branding related to your business

When you want your brand to be recognized instantly by the visitors then you have to make sure that you don’t indulge in using too many colors for the website and social presence. Use a consistent color scheme throughout the website and Social Platforms to make an image of your brand persistent in visitor minds. Globex IT Solutions is a very good example of a consistent color scheme and website layout.

Include call-to-actions

When there is a strong need to generate queries, call-to-actions are essential in helping out the business owners. Provide authentic contact information where visitors can get in touch with business owners easily.

If customers feel that businesses are not able to respond within time and calls or emails go unanswered then this is a huge blunder which will soon affect the revenues of the company. 

Let people know what they want to know

When someone lands on a business website, he is very much interested to know about the business and looking for credible information. If details are lacking on the website, then visitors may turn down their intention of getting in touch with businesses or buying from them.

Provide each minute details of your business on what you are able to provide and all the available methods to reach to you so you don’t lose out on the website leads. 

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