How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Instagram?

This super interactive platform brings much more to the table once we advertise on Instagram. This mobile application is all about stellar images and video content has risen sharply recently with IGTV and Instagram story features. While it is a social platform, individuals usually spend time there for absorbing lively content, and content that mesmerizes the masses has great growth potential. 

While you are looking to evaluate the cost to advertise on Instagram, one thing you need to be of sure is that you are ready to invest in pure quality graphic designing work. Low-quality content can never be a recipe for success and platforms like Instagram need superior quality designing work always. 

It is quite commonly seen that Instagram advertising costs more than Facebook advertising with obvious additional perks. The CPC ranges around $0.2-$2.0 and costs per thousand impressions averages around $5-$7. These are worthy estimations and real-time data can massively skew any average cost of your social media advertising cost.  

Instagram, like Facebook, also ensures that the user experience remains greatly optimized. This was the reason why we have initially put a strong focus on the quality of graphic designs work. While the Bid Amount would greatly determine your reachability, Ads relevancy score also has a role to play. High click-through rates will optimize your campaign with the same cost level, but negative responses like negative ads can hurt the overall performance. 

Advertising costs are lastly determined by estimated action rates and competition. If it is predicted that the audience will be engaging with your content and an action would be taken, the platform would love to show it at the top priority level. This will lead you to have less overall cost for the advertising campaigns and if the competition stays low, you are going to have splendid results and reduced costs. 

The time of advertising can greatly affect the costs and you should always look to plan ahead. Social media audience is required to be built gradually while you keep producing engagement worthy content, so a concentrated long term effort is required within this domain. It would help you to avoid showing advertisements when costs are really high such as at the time of holidays as you’ve already reached out to the relevant audiences. 

Is Advertise on Instagram Worth it?

Traditionally, businesses and marketers have been glued to Facebook advertisements as it allowed them to perfectly explore their niches and bring revenue for themselves. Instagram has proven to bring much better engagement rates and sometimes the multiplication factor stands at 10x. 

The prime reason could be that interface is clean and not that messy for the application users and any ad that pops up has a quite imminent presence. The versatility of ad types ranging from Stories Ads, Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Collection Ads, Ads in Explore allows quite a conversion opportunity for paid media marketers. 

With such kind of versatile features on offer and reachability to high-end audiences, businesses must opt for Instagram Advertising. The race to acquiring new customers is sometimes endless as the online marketing domain is becoming quite competitive and social media now takes up a lot of business advertising budgets. You need to be always on top of the game or you can become irrelevant in your niche in no time.  

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